Stay At Home and Guest Blogging

3 Aug

Hello all!

Summer has been busy, and I wanted to catch you all up!

First of all, I recently co-produced and directed the first episode of Ben Jaeger-Thomas’ webseries ‘Stay At Home,’ and I wanted to share it with you. You can watch it on the main page of and you can also watch it at the link below. My production company Tie Day Media put it together. We begin production on Episode 2 very soon. Ben’s work is great and can be checked out HERE.

Stay at Home is here.

Also, I recently did a guest blog post for Michael Roderick, a great entrepreneur and connector. It details the process of blocking the show CARROLL GARDENS ABORNING, which I am directing for The LabRats. Check it out here.

Speaking of the show, tickets are available at this link.

‘CARROLL GARDENS ABORNING is a rueful comedy about the deliberate diversions along the road to parenthood. It tells the story of two young couples whose private relationships are fractured when their secrets become public.’

That is our official release. To me, it’s about a lot of things affecting people my age: contemplating parenthood, intimacy, stability vs. passion, and communication. I hope you come see it.

I’m excited about all this stuff, and so grateful to be part of it. I hope you will check it out. Please comment below with any questions you may have! I’m open and interested in talking more! Let me know what you are up to!

My best,