Understanding the work.

28 Feb

Happy Friday everyone.

Over the past few months I’ve had a lot of conversation with my filmmaking friend and co-worker Christina Raia. Christina, very wisely, thinks it is important to share nearly everything you’ve made, warts and all, in the interest of showing people what kind of filmmaker and artist you are. I agree with her, and would add to that that I think it’s important for me to understand how I’ve grown. With that in mind, I’ve made a few changes to my site.

1.I’ve removed the ‘fiction’ and ‘documentary’ labels. Most of my films are essentially fiction, but some of the later work, particularly Future Perfect, Purple, and even Stay at Home, flirt a little bit with the line (all are films of people playing essentially themselves, in made-up or somewhat fictionalized situations). I’d rather not create a fictional (ha!) line in the sand. Films are film.

2.I”ll be adding several projects, including an old domestic horror short called ‘All Dressed Up,’ based on Von Trier, Polanski, and Aronofsky. I’ve also put my film ‘Purple’ online. It deals with families and divorce, and is a nice primer for my upcoming feature, ‘The Cape House.’ I will be adding a few more projects in the coming weeks, and blogging about each separately.

3.I’ve put the films in chronological order, so if you wanted to binge watch, you could go to the very bottom of the ‘films’ category and watch my trajectory from my early work to my most recent projects. It’s like ‘House of Cards’, but cheaper and a bit less sexy.

4.I’ve also added comments and likes, so you can comment on the page and the work.

I’ve decided it’s important to be out there with my work, to worry less about its problems, and to be less precious. I’m on to bigger things now, but I want to make sure the journey is there for everyone to take part in.

I hope you enjoy the films.