Screening with IndieWorks and building Community.

27 Mar

Discover Shorts. Find an Audience. Build the Community.’ – IndieWorks slogan.

As many of you have noticed, I’ve been reposting this link a lot. My film Future Perfect is in the running to be the 10th film in IndieWorks ‘Best of Fest’ competition running next week. IndieWorks is put together by a collection of filmmakers called Congested Cat. I’ve gotten to know them through different projects and by attending their screenings. I think what they are doing has great potential in the feature of film distribution and screening.

ImageMe and a couple of other cool filmmakers talking about their films back in January.

For years, success in filmmaking meant being in lots of festivals. While festivals are still the best way to get attention for your film (and to get it sold), it’s getting harder and harder to get into festivals. Just yesterday, Future Perfect was rejected from an Asian American focused festival in California. In their e-mail, they told me they had over 400 films to choose from. It’s hard to stand out in that situation.

So what is the best way to stand out in today’s world of Indie and micro-budget film? I think it’s simple. Community. Congested Cat is building one. They screen films free of charge or submission fee, and they pick good films. They ask that someone from the production attend the screening. It becomes about a shared experience, equivalent to an author giving a talk or a poet reading their work. They also get wonderful organizations like Seed&Spark involved. Seed&Spark is a crowdfunding and distribution company that’s helping filmmakers get their work out AND make money. Kind of a miracle. If you haven’t yet, check them out now.

This is not the only event of this kind to offer Future Perfect a spot. Portsmouth Short Film Night will be screening the film in May, and we are in talks with a film night in Portland, Oregon to screen this summer. All of these events are organized by filmmakers. I can’t think of a higher compliment for my film than having it be part of growing a community.

I’m really grateful that IndieWorks chose to screen the film back in January, and to be able to potentially come back and be included in their ‘Best of Fest’ is pretty wonderful.  I hope you’ll go check it out on April 3, and in the meantime, watch the films! You can vote for ‘Future Perfect’ by typing in the title and your e-mail address in the link below. I’d be grateful for your support.

Check out Congested Cat and vote HERE!

Thanks so much.