A brief update.

22 Sep

Hey all,

September has been a busy month, but BIG NEWS is coming this week.

A few changes have been made on the site:

I’ve streamlined the site, only making division between my personal films and media I’ve made for others.

I’ve also added a few freelance gigs I did over the past few months and will be adding more shortly. On the film side, I’ve added my short film Purple to the site. Purple has a lot in common with my feature, The Cape House, so I hope you enjoy it.

Also, a new #RealWorldArt will be making it’s way to you before the end of the month, with podcast (!!!) to follow.

Until then, enjoy this beautiful shot of my neighborhood from Saturday morning. I was on my way to help Michael DiBiasio and Rebecca De Ornelas finish their first feature, The Videoblogs.