What the Summer holds: a Gallery show at BRIC!

13 May

Hey all,

It’s an exciting summer. This is my first in a series of posts about what I’ll be doing this summer, film and art wise.

First of all, my work is being screened with a bunch of other incredible artists in a gallery in downtown Brooklyn!

8d41f987-d8b5-4095-a705-029db701c422_img_5647_instaselfieparadise_abigail-b-clark_webBRIC’s downtown gallery space.

That’s right, BRIC, that wonderful multidisciplinary space in downtown Brooklyn, is highlighting the work of a group of their Teaching Artists, and I’m excited to be one of them. They will be screening my short film Purple, as well as Our Neighborhood, a piece I helped make with the 4th and 5th grade blogging club at PS 297 Abraham Stockton school in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 6.13.22 PM

Purple was a film I made with a group of actors. You can read more about it’s genesis on Edwin Nieves’ great site, A-Bittersweet-Life. It deals with divorce from the perspective of a child, and is something of the precursor to my feature film, The Cape House, currently in development.

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 6.20.12 PM

Our Neighborhood was created by teaching our group of students a bit about filmmaking, then having them draw pictures of a few things they liked and a few things they disliked about their community. They then interviewed one another on camera, and we used their drawings as storyboards. The film was shot over several class sessions, and the resulting film is a bit of mosaic that shows the ups and downs of their community, specifically those living near Marcy.

The opening of the show is May 20, and it will run for one month . You can read more about it here. Hope to see you there.

More soon.

My best,