Short documentary to air on Brooklyn Independent Media tomorrow!

1 Jun


Hello all,

Several years ago, my friend Harmony starting dating this painter. When I first met him, he was quiet and reserved. After a few meetings, Sam and I started talking a lot more. I became interested in his focus and concentration on painting, and would often ask him about making art.

Eventually, we collaborated on Harmony’s one-woman show, Human Fruit Bowl, and spent some time together in Prague where the show premiered. We drank a lot of beer and talked a lot about art. He lent me a few books about the artistic process, and we bonded over our shared interest in Tarkovsky films.

Sam has a studio in Red Hook. I went there first a few couple of years ago, and I thought it was the coolest place. It was filled with art and coffee cups and paint brushes. It smelled like what art should smell like. I was envious of Sam’s space, and I wanted to watch him work.

Last summer, we got together and I filmed him a bit working his studio. We talked a bit about art, and about his process.

That piece will air on Brooklyn Independent Media tomorrow from 12-1pm, and will re-air throughout the afternoon.
Brooklyn Independent Media airs on Cablevision 70, Time Warner 756, Verizon FiOS 46, and streams online at

Sam’s work is at Check it out. He’s my favorite painter.

Thanks for watching. If you miss it, I’ll post the piece later this week.