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Alles gut Bertolt Brecht!

10 Feb

‘Hungry man, reach for the book. It is a weapon.’


It’s Bertolt Brecht’s 116th birthday.

The guy revolutionized theater. Learning about him in college changed the way I thought about art. It sent me down a rabbit hole of voracious reading and seeing plays, movies, and art I would never have encountered otherwise. Quite seriously, no one has influenced me the way he did, and I think a lot of people can say the same. I won’t waste your time with my descriptions of his theories, but his work is legend.

But if you’re interested, wikipedia is as good a place as any to start.

Also, Brecht is famous for running circles around the House Committee on Un-American Activities.
Check some of that out here. Also, you can listen to the whole thing (highly recommended) with commentary/notes by Eric Bentley, one of the foremost Brecht scholars. It’s available on I’d include a link, but I don’t know that Mr. Brecht would be happy with that.

Enjoy all. Have a great evening.


I left three pennies.




#ThrowbackThursday: ‘Display.’

6 Feb

Happy Throwback Thursday!

In honor of TBT, I thought I’d post my film ‘Display,’ which was originally conceived to accompany a video for a musician friend. When he didn’t think the script fit, I ended up just shooting it on my own. It was shot in just a few hours, with no lights and on my recently purchased HPX170A.

‘Display’ surprised me by being selected for The Big Apple Film Festival, as well as playing at a variety of smaller NYC film nights.

I’m proud how far this semi-improvised film got, and I hope you enjoy it too!

#ThrowBack Thursday: My first 16mm film.

30 Jan

Seeing as it’s Throwback Thursday, I thought I’d share one of my early films, ‘Overhead,’ with you. Apologies in advance.


Guest bloggin’

30 Jan

Hey there friends,

A few months ago, I skyped with a graduating class at the University of New Hampshire theatre department to talk about ‘what’s next’ for them after school. In order to make it more interesting, I crowd-sourced opinions from my art-making friends.

My filmmaking pal Michael DiBiasio, whose own blog is an inspiration to me, asked me to do a guest post for him using that material. You can read it here.

Thanks for your continued support!


Future Perfect at Indie Works!

10 Jan

Hello friends,

As you may have heard, we were lucky enough to be one of six films selected to screen at CongestedCat’s monthly film series IndieWorks. The event is unique: free to submit and attend, CongestedCat’s group of filmmakers, actors, and artists rank films according to a variety of criteria (Story, Writing, Directing, Acting, Cinematography, Sound, Editing, and Production Value) and select the highest-ranking to screen.

We were so excited to be picked because, quite frankly, it’s becoming harder and harder to enter film festival these days, no matter the quality of your film. What sets IndieWorks apart is that it’s curated by filmmakers interested in the benefits of getting filmmakers in the room to network and chat without forwarding an agenda or topic, as many film festivals do. The goal is community.

You can see photos from the screening on our facebook page and on IndieWorks’ page as well. Check them out, and maybe consider joining one of their events.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read. Enjoy the photos!



Liam Billingham. Writer/Director, Future Perfect.

The new site, The Cape House, Stay at Home 2, and more!

10 Oct

Hello all,

Happy fall!

In the coming weeks, this site will be revamped to make way for lots of new stuff, including my reel and the home base for my new film, THE CAPE HOUSE. I will also be writing a blog about making my first feature. Also you’ll find my reel and a variety of awesome. Expect it all by November 5.¬† Set your calendar.

Have you had a chance to check out the new episode of Stay At Home? Do it now.

Enjoy, all! Talk soon!



Stay At Home and Guest Blogging

3 Aug

Hello all!

Summer has been busy, and I wanted to catch you all up!

First of all, I recently co-produced and directed the first episode of Ben Jaeger-Thomas’ webseries ‘Stay At Home,’ and I wanted to share it with you. You can watch it on the main page of and you can also watch it at the link below. My production company Tie Day Media put it together. We begin production on Episode 2 very soon. Ben’s work is great and can be checked out HERE.

Stay at Home is here.

Also, I recently did a guest blog post for Michael Roderick, a great entrepreneur and connector. It details the process of blocking the show CARROLL GARDENS ABORNING, which I am directing for The LabRats. Check it out here.

Speaking of the show, tickets are available at this link.

‘CARROLL GARDENS ABORNING is a rueful comedy about the deliberate diversions along the road to parenthood. It tells the story of two young couples whose private relationships are fractured when their secrets become public.’

That is our official release. To me, it’s about a lot of things affecting people my age: contemplating parenthood, intimacy, stability vs. passion, and communication. I hope you come see it.

I’m excited about all this stuff, and so grateful to be part of it. I hope you will check it out. Please comment below with any questions you may have! I’m open and interested in talking more! Let me know what you are up to!

My best,


July update!

7 Jul

Happy Summer!

Tomorrow I begin teaching Film Directing to pre-teens at New York Film Academy. I will be focusing on the basics, as it is only a one-week program. I will also be teaching ‘Directing the Actor’ to the intermediate students.

Speaking of director actors, I am also starting rehearsals this week on ‘Carroll Gardens Aborning,’ a two-act play that will be performed at this year’s NYC Fringe Festival. The play is written by local playwright Lawrence Dial and produced by LabRats theatre company. Here’s a short article about the play.

Beyond that, I’ll mostly be focusing on writing my own original feature “The Cape House” (to shoot next year) and directing the second episode of Ben Jaegar-Thomas’ webseries¬† “Stay at Home.”

It’s going to be a busy, fun, and undoubtedly hot summer.

Please do not hesitate if you are in need of anything AV or theater related. My best wishes to you for a beautiful summer!


Welcome to Liam Billingham Film/Media

31 May

Welcome to my site. This site will host my work as a director,editor,producer, and writer. Eventually, I’ll be posting more about my own projects, but right now it’s a sample of what I do. Also, it is the new home of my production company, Tie Day Media.

Enjoy, and don’t hesitate to contact me if there is anything I can do for you.

My best,

Liam Billingham.