Oh Hello!

This is my website. I’m a podcast producer at Sugar23, producing both scripted and unscripted podcasts. I’m currently producing several in-house pods, as well as shows for TIME magazine, Audible, and others.

Prior to my time in Hollywood, I ran ambitious public programs in documentary, fiction film, and podcast production at BRIC in Brooklyn, New York. I created and ran their now long-running Documentary Intensive program, which has lead to several local Emmy nominations, film festival selections, and more than 60 original films by the residence of Brooklyn. I also developed and ran the first ever public podcast network for BRIC.

I’m a guy that has learned how to do everything in media production. My work has been nominated for Emmys, gone viral, and played a key role in helping further the goals of a variety of different organizations.

Recently, my work as a podcast producer and host was highlighted by Vulture in their piece on the best film podcasts.

I’ve made films and podcasts with actors, non-actors, adults, kids, artists, victims of police brutality, soldiers suffering from PTSD, unhoused people, in a variety of settings, both large and small.

My goal is to make things that are meaningful, accessible, and memorable.